We understand that discovering Moths in your home or business can be very distressing as they eat expensive items like clothing and carpet. The Common Clothes Moth’s main purpose is to fly around looking for an ideal place to lay their eggs and reproduce. It is actually their larvae which cause the damage to surrounding textiles and materials as they eat the Keratin (protein) which can be found in natural fibres in fabrics like silk, cotton and wool. So once you see the moths they have already eaten clothing or carpet to get to this stage in their life cycle so the damage has already been done. Once you think your property is infested it is extremely important to take immediate action as each day that goes by, more eggs can be laid and more destruction is occouring. Each moth can lay up to 200 eggs. Pest Control London will be happy to help you deal with your problem and make sure it stays gone.

Important: The same moths which eat clothing can also eat carpet & the other way around. It is important the entire property is treated as they can spread very easily as they fly. Plus moth larvae will typically eat carpet under furniture so until it is moved the size of the damage is not always clear. We can rid your home of these pests to stop them costing you a potential fortune!

Identify Our technicians will conduct a survey within your home to identify all the ingress points where they are getting in. The level of infestation. Where the source of the problem came from. The correct proceedure for your individual situation.

Treatment The Moth treatment itself is carried out over two visits, about two weeks apart. See below down for detail of treatment. Prevention The pest exterminator will offer you advice on prevention of future bed bug infestations. Our IGR (see below) protects your home against future infestations for 4 months (this also includes other insects such as spiders etc).

Our certified Moth Pest Control Team are fully qualified and insured so that they can conduct a full survey of your home. We provide a personal approach as every home is different and ensure that every home is pest free. We are very discrete and have unmarked vehicles to not alert anyone to this matter.

City Serve Pest Control offer the best results in Dubai, UAE with our 100% success rate and all for a rock bottom price.Call us today and get a comprehensive bed bug control service that will eradicate these harmful insects once and for all.

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• We offer affordable & realistic costing.
• Materials that comply with the Control of Pesticides.
• A COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) assessment on every visit.
• Full safety policies & Management Systems which include Method Statements
COSHH Assessments all forwarded to your offices prior to commencement of works.
• Retained Health & Safety & Quality Assurance consultants.
• 24-hour response to all our clients’ calls, 365 days a year. Committed, enthusiastic, polite & service orientated staff.

City Serve Pest Control respond to calls within 2 hours, offer a polite and professional pest control service, ensure due diligence is observed at all times, be accountable for all pest control works carried out, eradicate and protect against future pest infestation by Controlling, Preserving & Maintaining pest control. For a free NO obligation quotation, contact us today to speak to one of our fully trained technicians who will be looking forward to discussing your requirements.

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We offer affordable & realistic costing

24-hour response to all our clients’ calls, 365 days a year. Committed, enthusiastic, polite & service orientated staff.