Vinyl Floor Polishing

VINYL & PVC FLOOR Polishing Services in Dubai, UAE

Are your dirty vinyl floors driving you mad when you can’t remove the dirt by yourself? Vinyl floors is getting its popularity for home and office flooring and if you are using one and does not have a clue how to clean it the right way, you might be scratching your head by now. Mopping alone is not enough as vinyl floors can have marks and dirt build up over time which can only be treated by stripping and refinishing. Cleaning up vinyl floors can be tricky but this is no challenge when professional vinyl floor cleaners are given the job for the cleanup.

CITY SERVE Cleaning Services is your local cleaners in Dubai who had been in service providing quality cleaning that is exceptionally brilliant. We offer our best service starting from Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Maintenance, Vinyl Floor Restoration, Vinyl Floor Stripping and Refinishing.

We have the mission to extend the lifespan of your home essentials and primary sections and that includes the flooring which is one of the vital ingredient of a quality home or office. We have specialized cleaning method for vinyl floors and other resilient floor. Our reliable floor care operations are highly sought after by homeowners and business owners across all suburbs within Melbourne.


What We Can Do For You:

Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Sweeping of floors
  • Application of eco-friendly cleaning solution
  • Wipe/scrub the floor with scratch-free pad
  • Polish the floor

Vinyl Floor Restoration

  • Sweeping of floors
  • Application of eco-friendly cleaning solution
  • Let the cleaning agent sit for 10 minutes to loosen dirt
  • Deep scrub the floor using a machine scrub
  • Rinse off the floor
  • Application of floor finish coats to recoat

Vinyl Floor Stripping and Refinishing

  • Sweeping of floors
  • Application of eco-friendly stripping solution
  • Let the stripping solution sit for 10 minutes till the floor looks slurry
  • Strip off using an auto scrubber and special equipment to remove dirt build up
  • Rinse off the floor and vacuum to collect stripping solution
  • Application of sealer/finish using microfiber pad