Where can I find them? Rats can be found in the loft, cavity walls, floorboards, kitchen, under decking, in gardens, sheds and garages.

Breeding Rats can breed throughout the year if the conditions are right; a female can produce up to 5 litters a year. Litters become sexually mature after 5 weeks and will live up to 3 years, although most live around a year.

Activity Rats have the ability to chew through wiring, gnaw through plastics, wood and mild steel surfaces. They can produce up to forty droppings per night; they are sausage shaped at approximately 1-2cm long. Mice droppings are more like the size and shape of a grain of rice.

Listen and Look out… For any unfamiliar scratching or grinding noises, rats know how to climb, swim and tend to scurry under floorboards. For footprints and rub marks; rats tend to leave foot and tail marks in less-used dusty areas. They use established routes along walls and skirting boards to navigate due to their poor eyesight. If you notice unexplainable dirt or grease smudges on surfaces or objects, this can also be a sign of rodent activity.

Borrowing Rats are known for digging extensive burrow systems for food storage, nesting and shelter; it’s within their nature. A burrow will eventually develop into a whole series of tunnels on multiple levels with entrance holes.

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We offer affordable & realistic costing

24-hour response to all our clients’ calls, 365 days a year. Committed, enthusiastic, polite & service orientated staff.